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Edible Art Exhibition. From Singapore with Love . Giant Durians, Chocolate Print Tiles, Potong

From Singapore with love @dfsofficial . Throughout the month of July the DFS Galleria on Scott's road will play host to Our edible art installations. “From SINGAPORE with Love” seeks to highlight the growing food and gifts category. The installation is colourful and playful featuring a rainbow cluster of durians, which is the ‘King of Fruits’ - famous locally for its spiked thorns and pungent smells. The installation will feature two very unique pop-art inspired edible art walls: one made up of 315 chocolate tiles, each containing 150 unique photo prints and graphics that represent local food and drink culture in Singapore. The other installation is made from over 100kg of chocolate, the "potong wall" outlines a map of Singapore and reflects local culture where ice cream "potong" was and still is an iconic classic