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Edible Art Exhibition. From Singapore with Love . Giant Durians, Chocolate Print Tiles, Potong

From Singapore with love @dfsofficial . Throughout the month of July the DFS Galleria on Scott's road will play host to Our edible art installations. “From SINGAPORE with Love” seeks to highlight the growing food and gifts category. The installation is colourful and playful featuring a rainbow cluster of durians, which is the ‘King of Fruits’ - famous locally for its spiked thorns and pungent smells. The installation will feature two very unique pop-art inspired edible art walls: one made up of 315 chocolate tiles, each containing 150 unique photo prints and graphics that represent local food and drink culture in Singapore. The other installation is made from over 100kg of chocolate, the "potong wall" outlines a map of Singapore and reflects local culture where ice cream "potong" was and still is an iconic classic

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to Jul 16

L'Occitane Cafe by Janice Wong at ION Orchard Singapore

For two weeks in July — from the 3rd to the 16th — L'Occitane is partnering up with our very own dessert maestro Janice Wong to debut its pop-up cafe at Ion Orchard, with new creations in her signature colorful, experimental style inspired by the natural ingredients used in the collections. Come join us for exclusive Chocolate Bon bons and other plated contemporary desserts made with ingredients like Cherry Blossom, Verbena, Bergamot, Rose, and Almond.

JW Loccitane Pop Up .jpg
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to Sep 9

Edible Art Exhibition MGM Art Space MACAU

Sugar Glow Garden MGM Macau
Open to public 27th June - 9th September 2018 Janice Wong's edible, interactive art redefines sweets and invites you into a world of imagination. Each of the 20,000 sugar flowers has been hand painted with glowing UV Paint to inspire you with different sensations.

Hanging&Vertical edible glow garden at MGM ART is PLAY, MGM Macau Art space. Together with @007ayumi@balloonsxtomtom @camillewalala

VB1A0045 copy.jpg
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to Jun 20

Feast of Versailles The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York

Feast of Versailles with Yotam Ottolenghi The Metropolitan Museum of Art Edible Art Table inspired by the colours and architecture of the garden. Featuring abstract gum paste paper folds, depicting the whimsical curves featured i the garden against the structured lines. Flavours of Versailles: Chestnut almond sage rosemary cake, quince lemon curd, hazelnut mousse, chocolate Versailles medallion

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to May 14

Edible Art Exhibition. Huis Ten Bosch Nagasaki Japan

Janice Wong presents her first Solo exhibition in Huis Ten Bosch Nagasaki. Featuring her signature edible art works such as Pardes. rainfall of orchids, Gum Drop, Lollipop, Drip and Vertical Glow Garden スイーツが芸術になる瞬間 エディブルアート 世界一きれいなスイーツ展 17th March - 14th May

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Opening of JW LAB Tokyo

After a year of planning, Janice Wong and Ana Foods have opened a 800 sq ft laboratory in Tokyo. In this lab, the team will focus on the development of recipes and techniques for Japanese Prefectures. Currently in 2017/2018, Jw Lab Tokyo is engaged with promoting Ume from Wakayama, Citrus from Kochi and Chestnuts from Kumamoto. The lab will also be a working gallery where Janice will prepare for her edible art exhibitions. 

Jw Labo
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